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Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

An indispensable base for many dishes, but this br...

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Choosing a Shuttle Chef if you are a SOLO 

If you only have a small requirement for meals we have a few options that would suitable depending on what sort of meals you like to prepare for yourself.


The RPC 4500 Shuttle Chef has a larger single 4.5 litre inner saucepan with a locking lid and carry handle to make it easier to transport, this enables you to cook larger individual ingredients such as Roasting pieces, large Chickens or Corned Silver-side.

This larger volume means that you will be cooking once for a number of days so you will need to refrigerate the remainder into meal sized containers for later use.

If this Shuttle Chef would best suit your requirements then you can follow this link to purchase:-  RPC 4500 

This is a very handy sized unit however if you would like to cook a much smaller meal just for yourself then you will also need the Bain Marie to allow you to divide this larger saucepan into two separate areas so that you can cook a smaller meal and have boiling water underneath the Bain Marie (in the main saucepan) to maintain the temperature or even cook a main meal below and have your rice or vegetables in the Bain Marie.

This Bain Marie (or Top Pot) actually hangs from the lip of the inner saucepan and is approximately 1.2 litres in capacity and has a very heavy base to enable you to use it as a normal saucepan when required or for bringing your meal up to temperature ready for placing it inside the inner saucepan.

You can see the different meal sizes you can achieve using the Bain Marie inside of the inner saucepan.

This combination is ideal in that it allows you to cook a small meal, large meal or two meals at the same time such as rice and a curry or vegetables and a casserole or even a desert and a main meal.

The Bain Marie is also ideal as a "double boiler" so that you can either re-heat pre-cooked meals without actually re-cooking them or use it to cook meals such as puddings, quiches, lasagna etc. using the steam from boiling water underneath the Bain Marie in the larger saucepan.

These inner saucepans have a heavy duty base and can be used as "daily saucepans" on any stove top or heat source which will save you the inconvenience of carrying additional saucepans for every day use.

If this Shuttle Chef and the Bain Marie would suit your requirements you can follow this link to purchase:-RPC 4500 with Bain Marie