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Campervan cooking

During a number of the recent Caravan and Camping shows it came to our attention that many prospective purchasers of Campervans were seriously concerned about how they would be able to cook the sort of meals they were used to when the cooking facilities in these Campervans consisted of a very small two burner stove top or even in some cases a small single burner spirit stove.

We have been approached by manufacturers and resellers of these small Campervans to be able to include a Thermos Shuttle Chef as a successful answer to this obvious area of concern by purchasers.

The Shuttle Chef will work perfectly on any heat source and so has no problems with either small gas appliances or even the spirit stove cookers and as the actual heating time on the stove top is minimal it ensures that a minimal amount of fuel is utilised to set the cooking process in motion.

As the Shuttle Chef is designed to continue slowly cooking the meal using the retained heat inside the Thermos outer container it means that the lunch or evening meal can be prepared, simply, in the morning and placed into the outer container and then stored upright while travelling, providing a piping hot meal six to eight later with no further heat input and with complete safety while travelling.

Using the two pot system you can successfully cook a curry and rice, meat and vegetables, pasta and sauce or even a main meal and a dessert such as a carrot cake, bread and butter pudding or steamed dumplings to ensure a complete meal at a time of your choosing rather than having to arrive at a destination earlier so that an evening meal can be prepared and cooked.

Through this patented, vacuum insulated, heat retention slow cooking method you can be assured that although your meat or protein component will be tender and its flavours  transferred throughout the meal, your vegetables will retain their shape, colour and texture (totally unlike the old Crock Pot mushy veggies we have all experienced in the past)

The Shuttle Chef ensures highly nutritious, home cooked meals with minimal effort for preparation and initial heating and yet provides maximum results that can be enjoyed at your leisure.... "It is as if someone else cooked the meal for you"

Now you can arrive at your destination early or late and take a walk, relax, have a glass of wine, enjoy the sights and unwind as your meal is completely cooked and will be ready when you choose to eat it.

Note: We find that on our travels it is always good to find a local bakery and purchase a loaf of crusty bread to enjoy with our meal as the juices have been infused with succulent flavours for hours and are begging to be soaked up.