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Thermal cooking with Cobb

With the increasing numbers of areas that now have bans on open fires it is becoming harder to cook like we used to.

We have been asked by many customers about the possibilities of using the Cobb Cooker that they already own to cook meals in their Shuttle Chef.

As we are also proud owners of a Cobb Cooker we have been experimenting during a recent camping trip with excellent results.

We had intended to prepare a lunch of Roast Chicken to feed the hungry crew and wanted to also prepare a Beef in Red Wine casserole for the dinner later that evening.

Using the normal process we started the Cobb Cooker with eight heat beads and, when they were fully functional, we placed the Shuttle Chef inner pot directly on to the Cobb over the heat bead basket.

Using a small amount of oil we fried the onions and then browned the meat, adding the vegetables, stock and red wine. This, we then stirred a few times while it came to the boil. Then, we popped on the lid and left it simmering without the Cobb dome for about 20 minutes.

The simmer time could have been less but it was 20 minutes before we thought of checking the meal again - this extra time didn't matter at all for the Thermal Cooker.

We placed the Shuttle Chef inner pot into the Stainless Steel vacuum insulated outer container and closed the lid, trapping the heat inside to continue the cooking process until we were ready for our evening meal.

As the heat beads were only just underway we were able to then put on the cooking tray and place the Chicken with the Potatoes, Carrots and Pumpkin around the bird and then closed the dome lid.

Needless to say we all enjoyed an excellent Roast Chicken and vegetables lunch, served with crusty bread and gravy. This was suitably toasted with an excellent Margaret River chardonnay.

Later that evening, after a long bush walk and a hot camp shower, we were able to sit down to a delightful Beef and Red Wine casserole, served once again with crusty bread to soak up the abundant juices. This meal required no more preparations, and was toasted with a tasty Merlot from the Hunter River region.

The combination of the heat provision from the Cobb Cooker and the slow cooking properties of the Shuttle Chef mean that you can now travel very light. This method required no gas stove and alleviates the worry about fire bans or the lack of a fire pit facility as you can prepare delicious hot lunches and an evening meal at the same time.

The evening meal can even be left in the outer container while you are travelling to your next destination as the Shuttle Chef will keep the food nice and hot (well above food safety standards)  for six to eight hours.

It is an excellent and essential combination for the environmentally - concerned gourmet camper or traveler.

The Shuttle Chef Thermal Cooker is available from selected retailers around Australia or from Thermal Cookware direct.

For more information phone 1 300 667 151 or visit the web site

The Cobb Cooker is available at selected retailers around Australia.

For more information phone 03 9532 5611 or visit the web site