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"....a single bloke with a big appetite for good food...."


I was first introduced to the Shuttle Chef by my m...

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Orange and Anise Mulled Wine

Orange and Anise Mulled Wine

 This is a stronger tasting spice ...

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Chef Dave Knowles

Dave Knowles has an excellent reputation as an International Thermal Cooking Chef and has been producing delightful cullinary experiences for Thermal Cooks all over the world

His talent is prodigious and his range of recipes is enormous and just so easy to use, producing excellent results with so little effort.

SceneJuice professional photography

An excellent source of professional photography for all requirements.

We have used Sean Joyce for most of our professional imagery whether it is people, places, product or food photography we have found him to be innovative, precise and yet adaptable.

The results that have been achieved are amazing and the food photography is nothing short of mouthwatering.

I must state that all of these images are of REAL food and have actually been eaten at the conclusion of the photo shoot so Sean is working absolute wonders to present these images so vividly without the normal run of "part cooked" and "prewaxed gimmickry" that is so prevalent in the majority of food imagery today.

For all of your photography requirements make contact with Sean at  



The Association is recognized at all levels of government as the Industry voice and is an active member of Government committees.  It maintains close contact with the Department of Local Government, the Department of Consumer Affairs, the Department of Planning, the Department of Land & Water Conservation and Tourism New South Wales, to advance the Industry and to protect the interests of the members.  It is an active member of the Residential Tenancies Review Committee.

The Association has played a major role in a number of government working parties and committees charged with the development of Ordinance 71, the supply of electricity, water, sewerage, Local Government rates and charges and signposting of caravan parks.

The Association achieved recognition of permanent residents in caravan parks and had the decision reversed that required parks to be re-wired before they gained access to domestic rates for electricity.  Major achievements include the correction of a major anomaly in the State Environmental Policy for Caravan Parks, the continuation of visitors fees where the dwelling does not have bathroom facilities.   We have also established Industry positions in the reviews of the draft Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds & Moveable Dwellings Regulation 1998, the Manufactured Home Estates & Manufactured Home Regulation and the Residential Tenancies (Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 1995, and the Residential Tenancies Act.

The Association also plays a major role in the tourism arena.  It is represented on the Executive Committee of the Tourism Council (NSW Chapter), the National Associations Council, and the Tourism Olympic Forum.  In conjunction with the NRMA, the Association and the members have had a major input in the development of the AAA Star Rating Scheme.



With over 49,000 members, the largest motorhoming (RV) club in Australia offers many benefits, including specially-tailored motorhome insurance, a free monthly colour magazine, social events through 85 local chapters throughout Australia, a Solos network for members travelling alone, two national rallies per year and lots, lots more. We represent every type of motorhome and every type of owner too. Members are young and old, families and singles, millionaires and pensioners, workers and retired people. There are full-timers, part-timers and wannabes.


Australian 4WD Monthly

Australian 4WD Monthly

Welcome to Australian 4WD Monthly online. We have been bowled over with the interest in our new website. Can you believe that you are one of over 260,000 people who have visited this site in March?

Why is this website so popular? It is delivering all your 4WDing news and entertainment in a one-stop, convenient place. This site is designed to cater for everyone, from the tourer to the hardcore enthusiast. Australian 4WD Monthly online is jammed packed with information, tips, reviews and adrenaline-pumping video clips. Your daily fix of everything 4WD related.

This is your online campfire, where everything 4WD can be discussed. We want to hear from you, if there is something missing you want to see, we want to know. 

Watch this website as the team at Australian 4WD Monthly aim to create the ultimate online 4WD experience. It’s a small world at


Australian Caravan and RV magazine

AUSTRALIAN CARAVAN+RV MAGAZINE : NRMA Motoring & Services' new travel and lifestyle magazine is a practical guide to caravanning. It will feature the trusted road tests on the latest caravans and RVs, new gadgets, maintenance tips, top touring ideas as well as second hand information.


Go See Australia

Go See Australia Directory, the place for all caravan parks, campervan, recreational vehicle (RV), motorhome, camping grounds, tourist parks, or holiday parks cabin adventure anywhere in Australia. Read Information Articles or use the powerful Caravan Parks Search to find over 2700 caravan parks Australia wide. The Plan a Trip mapping service has full driving directions and park information with travel distances.


On the Road Magazine

On The Road is Australia's top monthly magazine for people who enjoy camping, caravanning and touring Australia.

It is the only magazine that provides widespread and economical access to both family campers on a budget and the road tourism market and its new breed of high income travellers. The quality of its writing, photography, layout and production has enabled it to build up among readers remarkable respect and loyalty.

Every issue has stories and photographs celebrating the unique beauty of Australia and the experiences it can generate. They are of great interest to all travellers who want to know more about experiencing the vast beauty and romance of this great land of ours.

Real stories, real tips and real advice for real people


Caravan and Motorhome Magazine

In what has so far been a short but spectacular life, Caravan & motorhome has risen from humble beginnings to become Australia’s number one touring vehicle magazine.

It began life under the banner of Caravan Tourer in 1997, which evolved into Australian Camper, Caravan and Motorhome, and in quick time became a young and enthusiastic Caravan & motorhome. Since those early days C&M has grown into a 212-page journal, the largest and most respected touring vehicle magazine in Australia. We are in the process of expanding Caravan & motorhome into a range of areas, such as this website, more DVD titles and a number of other initiatives that will allow us to present a stack of information across a bigger media footprint. Having said that, we will be maintaining our high standards of integrity and objectivity throughout our vehicle and product reviews so that you can be sure you are getting the right information.

We have also focussed on our presentation. The already high standards of photography and design presently in C&M will be maintained, and enhanced, as we continue to evolve and grow along with the Australian touring vehicle industry.

RV's Downunder

RV's Downunder is a high quality monthly magazine, whose aim is to promote the entire Aussie recreational vehicle industry, the ideal market place for buyers, RV enthusiasts and travellers. In each issue they bring readers the wonder of travelling this great country of ours in an RV, with resident journalists sharing their travels, holiday tips and travel destinations with their readers.


Solar/Thermal Cooking

The Rainbow Power Company.

This company is one of the largest and most experienced Renewable Energy companies in Australia, with a workforce of experienced and dedicated staff.

Based in Northern NSW on the East coast of Australia, the company's headquarters are unique in the southern hemisphere.

Designed as a working demonstration of the technology it sells, and as a complete centre for its operations, it houses not only Rainbow Power Company but also its subsidiary company RESHAPE Pty Ltd, and associate company Energy From Nature Home Pty Ltd.