After the Flood

We are working towards recovery however we still have no approvals from Insurance

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Thermal Cookware is no longer

At the end of February 2022 we were totally flooded and have lost our office as well as the computers and all of our stock

we initially concentrating of salvaging as much of our house as is possible 

we are sorry to inform you that we can no longer fulfill orders as we are unable to purchase new stock.

Much as we are now "dry" and ready to rebuild we still have no had any approvals from our Insurance Company

We totally understand that there are so many homes and businesses on the East Coast that have been severely affected and can also understand reasonable delays however this is becoming extremely frustrating as so many of our customers have contacted us but we are unable to purchase stock or replace our office equipment until we receive Insurance approvals.

Here is hoping that this may happen in the not too distant future. 

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