Recovery is slo

Normality is still along way off but we are here and have limited stocks

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Carrots, Parsnips and Sweetcorn on a bed of Spinach

Carrots, Parsnips and Sweetcorn on a bed of Spinach

This is a really tasty dish and looks great w...

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Thermal Cookware is functional but still struggling

At the end of February 2022 we were totally flooded and have lost our office as well as the computers and all of our stock

we initially concentrating of salvaging as much of our house as is possible 

Please understand that there are so many homes and businesses on the East Coast that have been severely affected and recovery is such a slow process however we are percevering and still open.

We understqand that this is extremely frustrating to many of our customers however please bear with us as we are unable to operate as we have for the past 18 years.

We have been able to purchase a small number of Shuttle Chefs from THERMOS however they are in short supply so anybody requiring Shuttle Chefs should order online while stocks are available.

We have listed everything that is still available as individual items or as packages however the acceassories are in the shortest supply.

If you have a request that is not listed you can contact us on 1 300 667 151 and we will see what we can do for you.

We cannot predict when things would get back to normality at the moment so please bear with us in these difficult times.