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Poached Pears or Apples in Spiced Wine

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Welcome to Thermal Cookware

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The International specialist leaders in Thermal Cooking presents the ultimate in premium cookware for your busy life!
Whether you are a novice in the kitchen or a seasoned chef, Thermal Cookware will become your favorite cookware.
Imagine one piece of cookware that lets you cook highly nutritious meals, serve what you need when you are ready or keep the meal hot for 10 hours plus without overcooking.

Thermal Cookware

Thermal Cookware... Perfect for Busy Families

Unfortunately, it is rare that a family is able to sit down together to eat these days.

Is this something like your family: the baby needs feeding, then your soccer player comes home, then the ballerina and finally Dad arrives tired and hungry also?

With Thermal Cookware everybody still gets a delicious and highly nutritious hot meal when they are ready.

Thermal Cookware is the obvious solution for the time or space-stressed families of today and is ideal for people on the run, camping, caravaning, four wheel driving, recreational vehicles and boating.

We are all conscious of the need to prepare and serve highly nutritious food for ourselves and our growing families, however on many occasions we are either pressed for time, the family cannot all be together at the one time, or when we are away from home we do not have the facilities required.

Preparing a decent meal usually requires a great deal of juggling of pots to ensure that the vegetables are not over or under cooked and that the rice is not gluggy by the time the main meat dish is complete and then to try and keep all this warm without ruining the appearance and taste.

If you are like us there will have been many occasions when you have actually cooked multiple meals so that every one is satisfied and not eating reheated left overs.

The energy consumed and the heat generated by all this excessive cooking on a stove can really affect the comfort and stress levels in a kitchen or in particular a caravan, RV or yacht not to mention the wastage, safety issues and mounting costs involved.

Then there is the clean up after wards when you have so many saucepans, frying pans and serving dishes with sometimes much duplication before everyone has finally eaten.

It is no wonder there has been such an explosion of fast food outlets and the supermarket shelves are full of packaged pre-prepared meals all aimed at supposedly reducing the time and effort required to feed the family.

However, when you purchase these prepared foods you are never certain what is actually in them and although there is a long list of ingredients, most of them seem to be either chemicals or certainly not something that you would consciously put into your food.

Recent strong warnings on the dangers of non-stick cookware and the serious oxidization problems with aluminium cookware has concerned health conscious families, all searching for safe, efficient, nutritional and serviceable methods of cooking their foods.

Thermal Cookware provides all this and more.

Take the Fuss Out Of Preparing Meals, Anytime, Anywhere.
Whenever possible we have always prepared a home cooked meal for the family and at times have gone through all of the above many times over, as we have always been avid campers that have enjoyed a range of outdoor activities, we have always been conscious of having efficient tools to ensure that the jobs are done adequately and with minimal fuss.

Due to shorter actual stove top heating time used, food can never be overcooked, as it continues cooking gently using the internal heat inside, preserving vitamins ensuring the highest nutrition retention and making food taste naturally delicious.

We found that the efficiency of the THERMOS'S vacuum Thermal Insulation makes it possible to start cooking the meal on the stove for a minimal time and then have it finish itself off without any additional energy inputs and this cooking method allows for a full release of flavours by slowly cooking the herbs and spices while tenderising the meat but still ensuring that the vegetables retain their shape, colour and texture.

Shape, texture, colourHere you can clearly see that the vegetables have retained their shape, colour and texture even after 8 hours of slow cooking and yet the meat is tender and juicy.